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A Cora Cheese Tasting: A How To Guide

harrods fiaHere are our 10 recommendations to enjoy a perfect tasting with Cora cheeses at your home.

  1. Buy at least 3 different cheeses, with various ages, or production techniques, or types of milk. It is possible to play with these three variables and many others.
  2. Get the cheeses in a specialty shop, a butcher that offers a selection of cheeses, or directly from the producer. They can explain to you all of the products characteristics and they can make proper recommendations.
  3. Compliment the cheeses with honey or compotes (type of jam). Always keep in mind that delicate sauces go well with fresh cheeses, while those with a lot of flavour (ex. with chillies) pair better with stronger aged cheeses. It is a good idea not to add these sauces to aged cheeses with herbs and spices, or at least try the plain version first.
  4. Leave the cheeses at room temperature for at least one hour before the tasting to fully experience the flavours and smells.
  5. Present the cheeses on a plate or cutting board in the order in which they will be tasted. The honey (or other) can be put on the plate but not on the cheeses, because not everyone enjoys the sweet/salty combination. Ideally, the cheeses are first tasted how they are presented, before any pairing.
  6. It is very important to decide the order in which the cheeses are tasted. The general rule is to start with the freshest working towards the most aged cheeses. However, you also have to consider the flavouring and production method. If the cheese contains pepper or chilies it is better to try near the end. Blue cheeses are always last.
  7. Have handy bread or crackers and water for clearing the pallet between tastings.
  8. Pair a selection of cheeses with one or more wines or beers. For this reason it is encouraged to buy from a specialty shop, where they can properly recommend the pairings. In general, fresh cheeses go well with white wines or lighter bodied reds, more intense red wines with aged cheeses. While blue cheeses pair with dessert wines or liquors.
  9. Leave the cheese rind, many enjoy trying it, unless in the case where the cheese has a washed rind or when the rind wrapping has made it inedible. Set the table with forks and knives.
  10. To fully appreciate the cheeses, explain briefly their characteristics for your guests before the tasting begins.

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