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Our Story

Passion, tradition, and a love of the land represent our core values at Cora Formaggi. Since our founding in 1998 we have run our cheese production and aging business following precisely these values. Our journey has taken us to many farms and small dairy operations in search of the most authentic tastes in the region.

An exciting job that gave us great satisfaction and allowed us to discover many Piedmontese traditions, including ageing robiola cheeses with leaves. In 2014 we expanded our operation to include our own goat farm.

We now produce our cheeses with pure goat milk and three milk (cow, goat, sheep), insuring tradional Alta Langa methods are used every step of the process as well as guaranteeing the highest quality product.

The Alta Langa

Our cheese business was born in Monesiglio, in the Cuneo province, between the Alta Langa hills, where the ancient cheese making traditions are still alive and true.

Very little has changed since Beppe Fenoglio wrote of a young Melina women preparing her robiola cheese to bring to the local market. In many farmhouses today cheese is still produced for family consumption as well as for neighbours, following recipes from ancient origins.

The vocation of the Alta Langa territory for the dairy production is expressed in Cora Formaggi, which carries on this tradition with modernity.


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