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Our Short Production Chain

Every part of the cheese production process is carried out directly by us, from hay production, goat breeding and milking, to processing the milk into our cheeses and its ageing. When our cheese is ready to sell we choose only the best cheese shops and suppliers to ensure that the fruit of our labour arrives on the customers table fresh, delicious, and ready to be enjoyed. The various stages of our goat cheese production include; hay, livestock management, processing the raw milk, affinè and ageing, and finally sales.

Hay Production

On the steep hills surrounding Monesiglio in the Alta Langa region we work the land to produce hay for our goats. During the fall we prepare the land and seed different grasses, in the spring and summer months we cut and prepare hay to supply our goats for the whole year.

The Goat Barn “Le Cravette”

Our 300 goats supply us with delicious fresh milk twice a day, which we use to make our goat cheeses. The raw milk is subjected to internal and laboratory controls to ensure the best quality possible.

Processing the Raw Material

The milk is transferred to our dairy two times each week, then we immediately begin the process of curdling the milk. We use a traditional Langa production method which involves longer processing times but respects the rhythms of the natural acidification of the milk. Then each cheese is worked by hand into different forms. Our experience and passion for our work is literally in every cheese we make.

Affinè and Ageing

To transform curd into cheese the right balance of time, humidity and temperature is essential. During the cheeses ageing we pay very close attention to these three variables to ensure consistency and the highest quality. We are thus constantly aware of the changing seasons and climate. Our best robiole are selected for maturation in different forest leaves, an ancient preservation method typical of the Alta Langa region. Our cheeses are formed, flavoured, wrapped, and packaged all by hand creating a truly artisanal product.


Once our cheeses have been properly aged we send them to the best cheese shops throughout Italy, Europe, and the world. The business of these cheese vendors, and specialty stores is to enhance our products by telling the story of our cheeses; the origin, the care, the passion with which we produce everything we make. You can also visit us at our own cheese shop in Monesiglio, where you can find all of our different cheeses and other specialty items from the Alta Langa.

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Download PDF of Catalogue

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