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Our Strengths

The Raw Material

A quality raw milk material is fundamental to obtain a high quality cheese. For this reason we produce our cheeses buying the milk from farms in Piedmont, in order to always have fresh and controlled milk available, produced in compliance with all the norms and values ​​of the Cora Formaggi brand. 


Family Run Business

We, the Cora family, base our business on the local domestic cheese production traditions of the Alta Langa region. For generations the women in our family have prepared robiola cheese at home for their domestic use and for selling at the local markets. We continue this tradition today and wish to share it with those in Italy and beyond.


Our Forest Leaves

During the spring and summer months we are involved in a very special activity: the collection of leaves. Walking through the beautiful woods of our hills we look for the most luxuriant trees and collect their leaves. These leaves are then used to enrich our cheeses with their colours and flavours.

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